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Household Waste - MSW
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Grain size :   1-150+/-mm
Density:        150-300 kg/m³

ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless, plastic, paper, tetrapak, stones & glass.


Anyone looking for low-price alternatives nowadays can’t afford to ignore municipal wastes. After all, they have become the industrialized countries’ sources of raw materials. They provide a quickly accessible source of valuable materials mostly in forms suitable for processing, including, for example, iron, copper, aluminium, glass, paper and plastics. And in the event that the preparation of municipal wastes is not feasible from an economic or technical point of view, they can still be used as a source of residue derivated fuel – as a CO2-neutral alternative to fossil fuels. Success in utilizing innovative sorting technologies to recover the valuable materials hidden in refuse brings ecological and economic leadership.

Valuable materials are not all the same:
It’s not just the throughput alone that determines the efficiency of treatment – it’s also mostly the income from sales that can be achieved. And this is exactly where the big differences crop up, depending on whether metals, plastics or non-ferrous metals are involved, and whether you utilize simple or accurately sorting technologies.

Up to 100 EUR/t for recovered iron:
The iron component in wastes can be up to 10 percent. At prices of between 80 and 100 EUR/t, sorting pays. And our UM/AM® Overband Magnetic Separators can take care of it. No matter whether air-cooled or oil-filled, whether permanently or electrically operated – they are the perfect solution when it comes to recovering iron such as tin cans.

Up to 500 EUR/t for recovered plastics:
Thanks to innovative near-infrared technologies, separating plastics from wastes is more profitable than ever before. Here too, depending on quality, the sales proceeds per tonne can be between 100 and 500 EUR. All the better then, that STEINERT can also offer you a high-efficiency solution in this area.

Up to 800 EUR/t for recovered non-ferrous metals:
Even today, there is a widespread belief that: “It’s not worth getting a sorting solution for an aluminium component of only 1 to 5 percent.” But it’s certainly not true when you’re talking about recovering non-ferrous metals. This is because the valuable components it contains are worth at least as much as iron, and normally many times more. The reason is that you realize an average sale price of 800 EUR per tonne for non-ferrous metals. The importance of this fact is still underestimated in many places. High time then, to strike out on new paths with eddy current separators from STEINERT. After all, they offer exactly what is essential for recovery: high yields and high purity, and all thanks to their innovative eccentric pole system, more 2,000 examples of which are already in use worldwide.