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Incinerator Ash IBA
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Grain size :   1-150+/-mm
Density:        800-1600 kg/m³

ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless, plastic, paper, tetrapak, wire,   stones & glass.


The possible technologies employed in the separation process differ and must separate reliably despite the tough conditions. Not only the separation process is of importance, but also reliable operation, low maintenance and ease of maintenance. A good example here is the permanent suspension magnet from STEINERT, which is characterised by its slender stainless steel housing that prevents interference by secondary magnets and effectively protects the components such as the belt and drives

The use of multi-pole magnet systems with working widths greater than 1 m and working lengths of up to 2 m considerably increased the STEINERT UMP’s ability to capture and discharge metal parts. Its smooth, simple structure makes it significantly easier to replace the belt whenever this becomes necessary and at the same time offers protection against failure.
It is essential that magnet drums are resistant to wear. A transverse pole arrangement makes it possible to process difficult materials.

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper are the most important material group. They are used in a wide variety of ways in extremely complex packaging structures and small electrical appliances. With a value of more than €500 per ton — the current price is considerably higher, each per cent is of great important both in terms of purity and the extraction. Down-times have an immediate effect on earnings. Robustness and sharpness of separation are therefore the important criteria to be considered when selecting the non-ferrous separator technology.

The non-ferrous metal separator with eccentric magnet systems, which STEINERT has patented worldwide, is standard here, also with regard to slag preparation. In addition to the separator’s design details, its robustness and separation performance are the basis for its success.

Other separators such as the Induction Sorting System ISS are also capable of sorting stainless steel — an application that is of particular importance in the case of stainless steel slag.

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