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Electronic Waste (WEEE)
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Grain size :   1-250mm
Density:        300-500 kg/m³

ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless, paper, tetrapak, wire, stones, glass and mixed plastic polymers: PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC. 


E-scrap is complex, valuable and requires specific knowledge of each treatment step. Each step is important: both crushing and screening prepare the material in order to achieve maximum sorting results. Pre and final sorting need a full understanding of all sorting steps, their technologies and the material.

Additionally, Steinert’s team of skilled technicians and engineers possess years of experience and enormous talent.

Last but not least Steinert is the only manufacturer of sorting technology working on both magnetic separation and sensor sorting in their entirety. Steinert’s testing facility is ready to test every customer’s specific material.

Sorting technologies applicable for electronic scrap treatment:

Suspension magnets (electrical or permanent magnetic) UME, UMP lift  coarser ferrous particles out of the material flow.

Color Sorting System FSS® for less expensive, early removal of PCB’s.

Permanent magnetic drums MTP remove plastic-iron compounds; their specific magnetic designs generate strong sorting forces.

Eddy current separator. Our eccentric pole system producesthe cleanest non-ferrous metals with high recovery rates even for smallest particles.

• The Induction Sorting System ISS® with its 12.5 mm fine sensors are used for final metal removal and successful wirerecovery.

• STEINERT’s active air jet controls reduce the pressed air consumption while maintaining superior ejection accuracy.

Near Infra Red sorting System Unisort® detects and sorts engineering plastics; both coarse and fine grained material down to millimeters.