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Wire Recovery (ICW)
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Grain size :   1-250mm
Density:        300-500 kg/m³

ferrous, non-ferrous, wire and mixed plastic polymers: PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC. (Including the "black ICW")


The removal of wire from shredder material and electronic scrap is now dramatically improved with thanks to the latest developments from the STEINERT research lab.

There is no doubt, a pure wire product has its own, high value and a specialized treatment process to generate the profit. But from the beginning wires have always been a problem. They contaminate nearly every product due the shape variations or they are clogging screens. They were lost in the non-metallic waste, were polluting the non-ferrous metal fraction due to their plastic coating and their “unwillingness” to be sorted mechanically with a commercially viable rate of recovery.

With the introduction of sensor based sorting systems it was hoped to solve this problem. A lot of companies promised it, but they failed. Now the researchers, developers and customers of STEINERT in Cologne have collaborated to improve adjustments, tools and provide new software on the Induction Sorting System ISS®. The results are impressive. Rate of recovery and the purity are higher than 90%; a result which no one has even dreamt about.

From Shredder fines to normal sized shredder material the 3DS® can recover more than 90 % of the copper wires with a purity of also more than 90%.