Recycling & Sorting

Metal and plastic separators for the materals processing and recycling industry...

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Food Processing

High quality electro and permanent magnetic separators ensures best performance.

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Shape Recognition

Separation using shape recognition

– with the STEINERT 3DS module.  Ground-breaking, efficient, and the perfect enhancement for the ISS® Induction Sorting System.

STEINERT has succeeded in making its pioneering ISS® Induction Sorting System even more effective – with the newly developed 3DS module. Using laser beams, this ground-breaking upgrade for the ISS® recognises the shape and volume of the secondary raw material that is being separated. That’s how, for example, wires are differentiated from lump of metals with more accuracy than was previously possible.

The advantages are evident: improved sorting with higher product purity while still maintaining optimal output. Other benefits include a reduction in compressed air usage and increased throughput.

When it comes to extracting secondary raw materials STEINERT tops the list – worldwide. What sets us apart is our comprehensive process expertise and an unrivalled range of technical solutions – from conventional magnetic separators through to the most innovative sensor technologies that separate secondary raw materials using induction, near infrared spectra, X-rays and visible light.