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Grate Magnet Housing
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Housings are totally constructed in stainless steel with flanges top and bottom. The door opens for quick access to remove and inspect magnets.

Grate magnet housings are installed in vertical sections of feed line to remove large and fine iron contamination. One or two rows of our complete range of grate magnets can be housed in this unit (see leaflet GF_TD1 and GRS_TD1). Grate housings can be stacked together for ultimate separation of fine iron and weakly magnetic materials.

Grate Housings are manufactured in sizes to accept both grate magnet in frame (Model GF) and grate magnet square (Model GS). For selection sizes and model see leaflet GF_TD1 and GRS_TD1. Rare-earth or standard models are the same size but have the letter 'N' after the model type i.e. GH'N' 2525.

Where feed duct sizes vary from standard size Housings (see Leaflet GH_TD1) transition sections should be used. These should be mounted on the flanges of the housing. Round pipe or rectangular adaptors can be manufactured to order.