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Grate Magnet (Round)
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Grate magnets are fitted in hoppers, vertical ducts, intake opening and bag loading or unloading points. The magnets can be used as single units or stacked in rows to remove fine or weakly magnetic contamination from free flowing granular products. Grate magnets also fit our standard housings, see leaflet gh_td1. Stock sizes are on page grs_td1. Non-standard sizes are made to order including rectangles and semi-circles.

Magnetic strength:
All grate magnets are available as standard in high strength 890 or the latest rare earth/neodymium range of magnetic materials. Rareearth/neodymium models are the same size but have the letter 'n' after the model type i.e. Gr'n' or gs'n'.

To select the correct grate magnet size, double the area of that required for normal throughput. Where large amounts of contamination are expected the above area should be further increased to allow for the iron accumulation. This extra area also reduces the cleaning cycle.

Cost and time is kept to a minimum with these units which sit quite happily in round or square hoppers. A stainless steel runner/support can be used if location is necessary on intake and duct applications.