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Grate Magnet (Self-clean)
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The complete fabrication is manufactured in stainless steel and consists of two flanged housings fully assembled and ready for installation. The top housing contains the sliding magnet system which when operated, discharges the iron accumulation into the lower housing slide catch tray. The tray is fitted and removed through a sealed door. A specially developed interlocking system ensures magnet and slide catch tray can only be operated in the correct sequence.

Self-clean grate magnets are suitable for most free flowing granular and powder products to remove both large and fine ferrous metal contamination. For best results housings should be fitted in a vertical section of duct or pipe at a point close to feed point where product is flowing at its slowest.

Magnetic Strength:
Both models scn and scnn are manufactured using the latest rare earth/neodymium permanent magnet materials and will give many years of maintenance free use.

To select the correct magnet area, double the area of that required for normal throughput. Where large amounts of contamination are expected. The above area should be further increased to allow for the iron accumulation. This extra area will also reduce the cleaning cycle. The one row model SCN is excellent for removing stray iron contamination to protect machinery and the two row model SCNN gives extra protection for removing fine iron and weakly magnetic particles before packing, outloading etc.

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