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Plate Magnet Housing
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The housing is fabricated in stainless steel as standard and is supplied complete with heavy duty plate magnet fitted. The magnet is hinged at top edge for cleaning access and sealed with rubber gasket and sliding clamp.

Plate magnets in housings are installed into 'INCLINED' pipe or duct feed chutes. The powerful heavy duty magnet will remove large and small iron contamination for the protection of machinery and the purification of product. By selecting the appropriate width of magnet housing the depth of product may be reduced, ensuring the best possible magnetic separation. Rare-earth plate magnets are also available with these housings.

The choice of housing size will affect the product flow rate. To select the correct housing area adds approximately 25% to the area of feed pipe or duct to be used. This extra area allows for the accumulation of metal contamination collected on the magnet face and also reduces the cleaning cycle. See reverse side page PH_TD1 for the standard housing sizes available. Non standard housings can also be manufactured to order.

Plate magnet housings should be fitted as near top of feed chute as possible where product speed is slowest. If this is not practical due to access etc. or if angle of incline is over 45º two units can be installed in line to maintain good separation. Flanged adaptors can be supplied to connect into existing ducts. Neodymium Rare-earth models are the same size but have the letter 'N' after the model type i.e. PH'N' 1010.