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Metal and plastic separators for the materals processing and recycling industry...

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Food Processing

High quality electro and permanent magnetic separators ensures best performance.

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Drum & Pulley Magnets

Magnetic Drum MT (HYBRID Drum®)
STEINERT offers both electromagnetic and permanent magnet drums in overbelt or underbelt versions (which can be fed from the top or from below). Steinert uses proven designs as a basis, and then continuously improves and refines them. Their special design ensures maximum purity and thus facilitates attractive marketing of the scrap iron. Moreover. Steinert magnetic drums are extremely durable and distinguished by their long service life.

Electromagnetic and permanent magnet drums are available in an axial pole or radial pole version. In the electromagnet drum with the MT Q axial pole design, there are several axial poles; the drum is usually suspended above the material feed unit. The first pole generates an especially far-reaching, strong field, in order to, e.g. ensure reliable separation of small pieces of scrap metal. Other poles hold the material on the drum housing. Reversing the poles cleans the scrap and guides it to the discharge unit.

The STEINERT magnetic drum with the radial pole system removes iron particles from bulk material. In electromagnetic drums, semicircular cast steel bodies with interjacent ANOFOL field coils generate powerful holding forces. The strength and material of the drum housing has to meet these demanding requirements with regard to wear and deformation.

The MTP permanent magnet drum operates using permanent magnets, including neodymium iron boron magnets, which generate a strong magnetic field especially at short distances.

The global success of Steinert magnetic drums is not only attributed to their robust design, but also to their uniformly strong magnetic field over the entire working width.


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