Recycling & Sorting

Metal and plastic separators for the materals processing and recycling industry...

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Food Processing

High quality electro and permanent magnetic separators ensures best performance.

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Eddy Current Separator

Eccentric Eddy Current Separator (EECS):
The patented Steinert Eddy Current Separator NES, featuring an its eccentric pole system, is the ideal tool for the job - for more than 20 years! High yield and long service life are the benefits that ensure efficient and long-term operating results.

Aluminium recycling, shredder material, municipal waste, slag, foundry sand, glass, electronic scrap (WEEE), wood chips, batteries.
A non-ferrous metal separator consists of a short conveyor. A rapidly rotating system of permanent magnets is incorporated in the head drum. The magnets generate strong eddy currents in the non-ferrous metal parts which eject the NF parts from the rest of the material flow. The special feature of Steinert's non-ferrous metal separator is the eccentric pole system. The pole system is adjustable, so that the application of force can be optimally adjusted for maximum ejection efficiency. As compared to concentric pole systems, the eccentric pole system increases the metal yield by 50%. The service life of the belt and drum shell is considerably lengthened.


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