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FinesMaster ®

FinesMaster ®
The processing of fine-grain material has become a popular recycling business in recent years. With separate magnetic drums and magnetic head pulleys, and the NES non-ferrous separator, STEINERT has been offering successful solutions in this field for several years.

The FineMaster now offers a complete system concept without the need to add any interfaces, installations or control equipment. It is STEINERT’s complete solution for increased efficiency, control and adjustment needed in the sorting of fine metals.

What makes the FineMaster special is the fact that it unites proven modular solutions into a single, compact unit. Module 1 is a twostage magnetic separator (MRB) which recovers small iron and also separates out ferrous dirt as semi-magnetic waste. Module 2 containsthe NES 6119 high-frequency eddy current separator with its unique eccentric, adjustable pole system for the recovery of fine non-ferrous metal. The FineMaster works best in the range of 1 to 25 mm (1/25 to 1 inch) – a range where most eddy current systems have trouble recovering non-ferrous.

The way the FineMaster works is very simple: an upstream lowintensity magnetic drum begins by lifting small, clean iron out of the stream of materials. The downstream, fast-running neodymium belt separator loosens the material up and removes any slightly magnetic waste. This reduces the volume in the eddy current separator by about 30%.

The eccentric pole system in the STEINERT non-ferrous separator prevents damaging iron particles from adhering and concentrates power where it is needed. The system’s adjustability increases the yield by another 50%. Altogether the best possible conditions for obtaining a ready-to-to-sell non-ferrous product in the famous STEINERT quality.



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