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Metal and plastic separators for the materals processing and recycling industry...

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Food Processing

High quality electro and permanent magnetic separators ensures best performance.

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Magnetic Pulley

Magnetic Head Pulleys BRP
STEINERT Magnetic Head Pulleys attract smaller pieces of tramp iron from bulk materials, where otherwise a normal idler pulley is integrated in the conveyor belt system. This is the easiest and most efficient method, and eliminates the need to make extensive modifications to your plant. Magnetic head pulleys protect your valuable processing equipment from wear and damage and recover fine-grained iron. Magnetic pulleys with strong neodymium permanent magnets can reclaim small, weak magnetic and extremely small particles from the material being conveyed, such as, e.g., stainless steel or ferrous foam in shredder material.

Slag, minerals, scrap wood, glass, electronic scrap (WEEE), foundry sand, shredder material, municipal waste.

The circular rotating magnet firmly holds the tramp iron contained in the bulk material on the conveyor belt and transports it from the magnetic field behind the belt drum, where it falls off. Higher belt speed levels improve the efficiency of the separation. The axial pole design facilitates easy post-cleaning and ensures a constant field over the entire working width, while the radial pole system yields a particularly high iron recovery rate.


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