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Wet Drum Separator

Wet Drum Separator NTS
The STEINERT Wet Drum Separator WDS is especially well-suited for heavy media separation and for processing and recycling iron ore with particle sizes between 30µm and 3mm. With separation rates of more than 99%, the wet drum separator WDS is extremely efficient and effective. The new separation tank design makes it easy to maintain and ensures reliable operation.

The NTS Wet Drum Separator was designed for very fine-grained components (<10µm). It enriches the rinsing concentrate of the high gradient magnetic filter (HGF) to a highly enriched sludge. At smaller throughput rates, it also efficiently cleans contaminated degreasing liquids and other fluids. Its powerful neodymium magnet system ensures reliable separation for these grain sizes as well. The magnet system is eccentrically positioned, and thus the magnetic field reaches its maximum force only in the sorting zone, while the drum is reliably cleaned in a zone free of magnetic forces.

Degreasing liquids and baths, filter concentrates, minerals, coolants.

The WDS usually has ferrite magnets arranged in an axial pole design. However, as with the NTS, radial pole systems are also used. The use of neodymium iron boron magnets generating a field strength of around 5000 gauss also makes the WDS wet drum separator suitable for use as a medium intensity separator (MIMS), e.g. for itabirite.


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