Recycling & Sorting

Metal and plastic separators for the materals processing and recycling industry...

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Food Processing

High quality electro and permanent magnetic separators ensures best performance.

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X-Ray / Colour Sorting

X-Ray Sorting System XSS®
The XSS x-ray sorting system greatly increased the range of possibilities for sorting mixed materials. The XSS® T (transmission) “sees” through the materials, recognising different material densities, components containing halogens, and organic components. Composite materials and internal adhesions are also detected. This allows light metals to be sorted from heavy metals, or PVC from plastics, scrap wood from stone, aluminium castings from wrought alloys, and ore-bearing mineral blocks from country rock.

X-ray fluorescence – XSS® F – can be used to differentiate alloys, metals and ores based on their surfaces.
Both XSS® technologies offer new, innovative sorting options unlike anything the extractive industry has seen before.

Mixed metals, ores, coal, plastics, wood, refuse incinerator ash, metal slag

"A long, fast-running conveyor belt ensures that the particles are densely and reliably separated. When they pass the x-ray source and camera, they are recognised and classified in a fraction of a second based on the setting pre-programmed in the flexible software. Reliable, fast acting compressed air valves then ensure that the desired particles are discharged cleanly.

The resolution of the blow-out unit is usually 12.5mm. The sensitivity of the X-ray recognition can be set to detect particles only a few square millimetres in size, depending on the task.

An x-ray system that has been tried and tested a thousand times over is used as the detector; i.e. the XSS® combines two well-proven components in one robust machine.


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