Cutting-edge AI-based analysis of plastic flakes

Flake analysers are AI-based analysis systems, designed for fast material analysis of plastic flakes and grounds, as well as non-destructive quality control. These multi-sensor systems can detect a wide variety of materials, such as PET flakes, polyolefins and electronic scrap plastics. Using cutting-edge, hyperspectral imaging technology (HIS), the full spectrum of characteristics can be analysed precisely. Flake analysers have the capability to statistically analyse black or dark objects. As a result, enhanced accuracy in material distribution can be achieved. Analysed materials are measured and then dispensed into a collection container.

Hyperspectral detection of plastic grounds

When combined with a fully integrated high-resolution colour camera, the hyperspectral imaging technology (HIS) enables detection of materials using colour identification. This fusion of camera data provides a foundation for quality assessment. The AI-based evaluation of the analysis data ensures precise measurement of colour and material on a point-by-point basis. A suction device transports materials to a collection container following the measurement, ensuring self-cleaning functionality. After the materials are discharged into the collection container, the results can be label-printed, presented in Excel, or emailed.

  • Innovative, AI-based analysis of plastic flakes and regrinds by colour, material type and volume including dark and black objects.
  • Quick and non-destructive quality assessment of plastic grounds, such as PET flakes, polyolefins and electronic scrap plastics.
  • Hyperspectral imaging (HIS) and high-resolution colour camera detects and identifies particle size distribution by colour.
  • Self-cleaning, intuitive touch-screen operation, and weight-based evaluations.
  • Automatic camera settings, protocol output and archiving of analysis results.
  • RTT System GmbH Flakeanalyser

    • Cutting-edge AI-based material analysis of plastic flakes and grounds.
    • Hyperspectral imaging technology (HIS) and camera detection.
    • Self-cleaning with suction device and automatic protocols.


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