High extraction of iron, stainless steel and fine grains

Pulley magnets, also known as rotary magnetic belt separators, are used for high extraction of iron. They can also be used to produce valuable stainless steel concentrates. Besides protecting downstream sorting processes like eddy-current separation, they also extend the lifespan of crushers such as cutting mills. Rotary magnetic belt separators can be supplied as an independent sorting machine. They can also be integrated or retrofitted within existing conveyer belts. This equipment has the capability to produce stronger magnetic forces, which are used for the separation of weakly magnetic materials such as stainless steel.

Powerful magnetic forces and rotary belt separators

Magnetic head pulleys operate in a traversing manner, ensuring efficient extraction of ferromagnetic materials. Strong magnetic forces separate magnetic substances like stainless steel. The separation principle relies on magnetic forces that attract ferromagnetic materials to the pulley surface. Based on the conveyor belt’s speed, non-magnetic materials are directed to the discharge parabola. Once the attracted materials reach the end of the magnetic force field, they fall into a discharge chute through a separating splitter. By extracting weakly magnetic materials, this improves wear and increases efficiency.

  • High-performance rotary magnetic belt separators for high extraction of iron materials, supplied as complete sorting units or as integrated components.
  • Versatile options with easy retrofitting and ability to generate high-value stainless steel concentrate.
  • Overfeed and overflow for sorting scrap and extracting clean iron components from bulk materials.
  • Various sizes of magnetic head pulley available with custom-made drive and bearing shafts.

    • Powerful permanent magnetic head pulley to separate stainless steel and weakly magnetic impurities, improving product quality and processes.
    • Reduce wear and protect downstream processes, including eddy current separators and crushers, and integrate into existing conveyor belt as a component.
    • Working widths from 300mm to 2,000mm and diameters from 240mm to 640mm.

    • Highly efficient rotary magnetic belt separators to recover weakly magnetic materials and stainless steel from shredder residue, using permanent magnets.
    • Rapid magnetic separator belt reduces wear of shredding equipment, including eddy current separators and crushers.
    • Working widths from 300mm to 2,000mm and diameters from 150mm to 640mm.
  • STEINERT SteelMaster®

    • Ballistic and physical magnetic separation for removal of copper meatballs from heavy shredded scrap, as an in-line system or can be operated as a batch process.
    • A more cost-effective sorting solution using X-ray fluorescence with adjustable electromagnets and a conveyor belt speed of 1 – 5 m/s.
    • Working widths 1,500mm and 2,000mm with throughput up to 7 t/h per metre.

    • Highly efficient separation of fine micro-grain, weakly magnetic particles and preparation of free-flowing bulk materials, using powerful magnetic fields.
    • High gradient magnetic separator, ideal for dry processing of mineral and ceramic raw materials, such as salt treatment plants, sand, ore, coal and rare earth elements.
    • Suitable for fine grain ranges 0.2mm to 2mm and working widths 500mm, 1,000mm and 1,500mm.


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