Innovative near-infrared camera-based separation

NIR sorting systems are now available in a wide range of innovative technologies to futureproof your plant or facility. Highly reliable and accurate separation using near-infrared technology (NIR). In mining and waste processing, NIR sorting systems can achieve clean mineral fractions, such as quartz, limestone, fluorite, phosphate and feldspar. Heavy bulk materials can be separated such as plaster, plastics, wood, paper and organic matter.

This range of sensor-sorting systems include various features such as high-resolution, hyperspectral and colour camera technology. The equipment includes AI-assisted and adaptable robotic cell technology for complex tasks, and contactless quality monitoring.

Hyperspectral imaging, online and AI-assisted technologies

Invisible to the human eye, the spectral range for NIR (near-infrared technology) is between 760 and 2500 nm. Through light excitation, material patterns based on molecular vibrations can be detected in this wavelength range. From the smallest variance in the chemical composition, very fine resolutions can be detected and assessed. Within this range of equipment, hyperspectral imaging (HSI) can be used for 2D materials and advanced technology can sort black polyolefins. Also included in the series are units with customisable programmes and the ability to provide real-time operating data and quality control online.

  • High spectral, near-infrared (NIR) sorting technology can separate a wide range of materials in a variety of environments including harsh conditions.
  • Detect and sort mineral fractions, plastics, black polyolefins, light and dark polymers, PET plastic flakes from a variety of structural and green waste.
  • Innovative range includes AI-assisted, robotic equipment with real-time operating data and online quality control.
  • Combined sensor-sorting systems with customisable programmes for complex tasks.
  • Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) can be used to separate 2D materials.
  • UniSort PR EVO 5.0®

    • Innovative NIR sorting system with hyperspectral imaging camera for the separation of plastics, green waste and wood waste.
    • Combined system with colour information to detect PET bottles.
    • Full spectrum, precise detection with AI-assisted object recognition.
  • UniSort Finealyse

    • High-resolution NIR sorting unit for bulk materials with feed, dispensing device, acceleration conveyor belt, containment hood and material hopper.
    • Precise removal of unwanted materials using compressed air nozzle.
    • Low over-sorting with grain and fraction sizes from 3mm – 25mm.
  • UniSort Black®

    • NIR sorting unit for accurate detection and separation of black objects using advanced HSI camera-based technology.
    • Separate post-consumer packaging and prevent soiling during material flows.
    • Ideal for sorting impurities from green waste or structural material.
  • UniSort BlackEye®

    • Effective sorting of black polyolefins, light and dark polymers by type using advanced HSI camera-based technology.
    • Conveyor belt system without slide and low-level over-sorting.
    • Precise detection with fraction size from 10mm – 40mm.
  • UniSort Film EVO 5.0®

    • NIR sorting unit for material recycling of films with dynamic calibration, optimised ventilation plates and automatic white balance.
    • Hyperspectral camera sorts 2D materials with up to 50% more throughput.
    • New belt coverage and service hatches offer easy maintenance.
  • UniSort Analyser®

    • Contactless, high optical and spectral resolution detection for recording material composition, including chlorine content and water.
    • Real-time operating data and quality control available online with preset thresholds for container management.
    • Proactive system control can be used as a basis for cost billing.

    • NIR sorting system for clean mineral fractions from heavy bulk materials and demolition waste, such as plaster, organic matter, plastics, wood and paper. .
    • Robust design for harsh conditions with throughput up to 100 t/h per metre.
    • Grain size from 10mm to 250mm and working widths of 1,000mm – 2,000mm.
  • UniSort Unibot®

    • High-resolution, hyperspectral NIR and colour camera for complex sorting programmes with delta robot and tool attachment.
    • Accurate high-purity detection with adaptable robotic cell for high throughputs and optimised recognition software.
    • Sensor fusion, AI-assisted object recognition and fast data processing.


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