High performance electromagnetic and permanent magnet drums

Drum magnets are robust and highly durable, offering a long service life. Their proven design and strong magnetic fields enable the precise sorting of fine, medium and coarse materials. Available as electromagnetic and permanent magnet drums, they come as axial pole or radial pole models. A magnetic drum with a radial pole system removes iron particles from bulk material. The electromagnet drum features several axial poles, and the drum is suspended above the material feed unit. A permanent magnet drum uses neodymium-iron-boron magnets to generate a uniformly strong magnetic field over the entire working width.

Powerful magnetic fields for efficient separation

The constant magnetic field pattern in electromagnetic drums changes in the direction of rotation. Scrap is removed by reversal of the polarity. To ensure the reliable separation of small pieces of scrap metal, the first pole generates a strong field. The other poles hold the material on the drum housing. The scrap can be cleaned and guided to the discharge unit by reversing the poles. Semi-circular cast steel bodies with ANOFOL field coils made from anodised aluminium generate powerful holding forces. Easy optimisation can be achieved using the magnetic application point, which allows for adjustability of the magnet system.

  • Durable range of electromagnetic and permanent drum separators and shredder drums to sort scrap and recover high-quality iron.
  • Increase performance by 30% with strong electromagnetic ANOFOL coils made from anodised aluminium.
  • Available as axial pole or radial pole models, adjustable magnet systems enable easy optimisation.
  • Working widths range between 800 – 3,400 mm, diameter of 800 – 1,800 mm.

    • Durable range of electromagnetic drum separators and shredder drums with high power density to sort scrap and recover high-quality iron.
    • Specially shaped poles, iron core and ANOFOL coils increase performance by 30%.
    • Radial pole for removal of ferrous materials.

    • Robust range of radial pole or axial pole drum separators with high magnetic fields for the separation of fine, medium and coarse materials.
    • Strong holding forces generated using disc-shaped magnet system for high extraction.
    • Semi-circular radial poles for even fields.


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