Efficient analysis and separation of refuse-derived fuels

Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid-recovered fuels (SRF) are valuable energy sources created from waste materials. An essential fuel source for industries and manufacturing, innovative equipment can separate RDF and SRF instead of sending materials to landfill. RDF is usually produced from plastics that have been separated from a variety of waste streams. Overhead suspension magnet units can handle coarse materials and magnetic drums are used for finer materials. Eddy current separators extract non-ferrous metals. For unsorted metal waste and high-grade steels, inductance detection is recommended. Plastics like PVC cannot be used for thermal purposes and require targeted separation processes.

Separate solid-recovered fuels from waste materials

RDF and SRF products can be created to meet different requirements and buyers, along with varying levels of quality. Near-infrared (NIR) with hyperspectral imaging can detect plastics, wood and paper. Some types of equipment can also detect and sort black parts.

Cutting-edge analysers give an overview of products with parameters such as material composition, moisture content, chlorine content, calorific value, and belt cover. By accurately recording and analysing these elements, quality issues and defects can be quickly identified. This prevents product value degradation, ensuring sorting purity and energy efficiency.

  • Innovative equipment for the sorting and analysis of materials to be used as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid-recovered fuels (SRF).
  • Achieve high levels of purity and quality product with energy efficient equipment and reduce laboratory costs.
  • High extraction of non-ferrous materials with cost-effective eddy current separators using eccentric magnetic pole systems.
  • Near-infrared (NIR) with hyperspectral imaging for sorting plastics, wood and paper. Inductance detection for unsorted metal waste and high-grade steels.
  • Overhead suspension magnet units for sorting coarse materials and magnetic drums for separating finer materials.

    • Powerful permanent magnetic head pulley to separate stainless steel and weakly magnetic impurities for improved RDF and SRF product quality and processes.
    • Eddy current separators and crushers are integrated into existing conveyor belt as a component to reduce wear and protect downstream processes.
    • Working widths from 300mm to 2,000mm and diameters from 240mm to 640mm.

    • Powerful electromagnetic overband suspension magnets for RDF and SRF production with low power-to-weight ratio and ANOFOL coils.
    • Remove ferrous parts from deep-layer materials with strong central magnetic fields.
    • Self-cleaning with passive or active air cooling and without oil filling.

    • Compact, cost-optimised and energy-efficient permanent overband suspension magnets for RDF and SRF production that do not require cooling.
    • Ideal for long or difficult parts and the reliable extraction of light ferrous materials, multipole design enables semi-mobile deployment.
    • Working widths 60cm to 130cm and lengths up to 200cm with easy belt change.

    • Optimised and compact, energy-efficient permanent overband suspension magnets for RDF and SRF production that do not require electric magnetic blocks.
    • Ideal for awkward and heavy parts, the hydraulic drive aids mobile applications and the alternating-pole magnet system ensures reliable separation of ferrous materials.
    • Suitable for tight working spaces and where unladen weight is limited.

    • Durable range of electromagnetic drum separators and shredder drums with high power density for RDF and SRF production, sort scrap and high-quality iron.
    • Iron core, specially shaped poles, and ANOFOL coils increase performance by 30%.
    • Remove ferrous materials with radial pole.

    • Induction sorting system for RDF and SRF production, using two adaptable sensors with different resolutions.
    • Sort stainless steels and composite materials like circuit boards and cables.
    • Separate all metals and produce no metal residual materials.

    • Cutting-edge range of medium and coarse grain non-ferrous metal separators for RDF and SRF production.
    • Variable eddy-currents using optimised, adjustable eccentric pole system and easier maintenance due to simplified external design.
    • Self-supporting frame and faster belt replacement.

    • Mobile and flexible separation of non-ferrous metals for RDF and SRF production using an eccentric pole system.
    • Sort pre-sieved, crushed ferrous metals, such as nails and screws, and non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass and aluminium.
    • Overband magnet and built-in power unit.
  • UniSort PR EVO 5.0®

    • Innovative NIR sorting system with hyperspectral imaging camera for RDF and SRF production, separate plastics, wood waste and green waste.
    • Detect PET bottles using combined system with colour information.
    • AI-assisted object recognition with full spectrum, precise detection.
  • UniSort Analyser®

    • Contactless, high optical and spectral resolution detection for RDF and SRF production, record material composition, chlorine content and water.
    • Real-time quality control and operating data available online with preset thresholds for container management.
    • Use as a basis for cost billing with proactive system control.

    • High-precision colour and shape sorting system for RDF and SRF production, separate industrial minerals and non-ferrous heavy metal concentrates.
    • 3D detection with laser triangulation, combination sensor sorting with RGB line scan camera and high throughput.
    • Working widths of 1,000mm, 2,000mm and 3,000mm and single object evaluation.


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