Innovative AI-assisted robotic sorting systems

Robots are used in a variety of systems for complex sorting of different types of materials. Ideal for colour sorting of plastic flakes and materials, cartridges, and the separation of dark salt fractions. Combined AI-assisted object recognition with sensor fusion and (HIS) hyperspectral imaging technology enable enhanced material detection for high product purities. Adaptable and flexible robotic cells can be customised to requirements. Increase efficiencies up to 20% with advanced sorting, high-speed separation and accuracy within small spaces. Some robotic sorting systems are available with self-diagnosis options.

Robot sensor-based sorting for a variety of tasks

Delta robots with tool attachments offer precise separation of a wide range of materials and sorting tasks. Detection of materials such as plastic can be achieved when robotic equipment is combined with colour cameras and hyperspectral imaging technology (HIS). High-resolution cameras can identify materials based on colour and composition. Robotic pick sorters can be customised and offer fast sorting and detection of materials. This type of equipment can be tailored for a variety of applications. Robotic sorting systems are available with self-diagnosis options and can be integrated with a range of equipment.

  • Cutting-edge robotic systems for complex tasks and colour sorting of plastic flakes, cartridges, and the separation of dark salt fractions.
  • Innovative AI-assisted object recognition for solving a range of sorting tasks at high speed and with increased efficiencies by 20%.
  • Flexible and adaptable robotic cells can be combined with hyperspectral NIR and colour camera for complex sorting.
  • High-purity detection using sensor fusion and fast data processing.
  • High acceleration and throughputs with large pick rates
  • RTT System GmbH Picksorter

    • Innovative flexible robot system for colour sorting of plastic flakes and materials, cartridges, and the separation of dark salt fractions.
    • Solve a wide variety of sorting tasks and increase efficiencies by 20%.
    • High acceleration and speed rates for generating huge pick rates.
  • UniSort Unibot®

    • Delta robot with adaptable robotic cell, hyperspectral NIR and colour camera for complex sorting.
    • AI-assisted object recognition and optimised recognition software for high-purity detection.
    • High throughputs, fast data processing and sensor fusion.


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