Reliable induction sorting system for all metals

All metal separators in the form of induction sorting systems are an efficient way to reliably separate different metals. This type of equipment is a valuable addition to magnetic sorting and eddy-current separation methods for recovering residual metals from mixed materials. This system is particularly effective for sorting stainless steels and composite materials like cables and circuit boards. Use to produce recoverable metal concentrates such as zurik or stainless steel fractions, and metal-free residual fractions with less than 1% metal content. Primary tasks and applications include use within industries that produce recovered fuels.

Recover residual metals and composite materials

The induction sorting system features an acceleration belt that transports materials through the detection area. Beneath the conveyor belt, a modern inductive metal sensor generates an electromagnetic field. Conductive objects pass through the highly sensitive sensor area. Once detected and classified, metal parts are sorted and then diverted from their path. A targeted blast of compressed air ejects the metal parts from the material stream. There are various sensors available for different applications, including coil diameters for coarse or fine resolutions. All-metal separators are ideal for simple applications. For more complex tasks, the ARGOS metal detector can be supplied with a combination sorting system controller.

  • Reliable, induction sorting systems for the recovery of residual materials containing no metal and metals from mixed materials.
  • Effective all-metal separators, ideal for sorting stainless steels and composite materials like cables and circuit boards.
  • Great value for money separation technology, used in the production of metal-free residual fractions and recovered fuels.
  • Electromagnetic metal sensor sorting for detection of <1mm conductive objects.
  • Working widths from 600mm to 3,000mm and grain size 1mm to 200mm.

    • Efficient induction sorting system for reliable metal separation.
    • Proven technology and additional option for fine-grain sorting.
    • Two types of adaptable sensor for varying resolutions.


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