Optimise recovery of clean iron scrap

Overband and suspension magnets are a highly efficient way of extracting iron and iron-bearing components from bulk materials. They recover clean iron scrap for recycling, and protect your processing equipment, including mills and grinders. Suspension magnets can also remove unwanted tramp iron such as screws, nuts, and rock bolts from coke, coal and ore. Suspended above conveyor belts, they attract magnetic parts by pulling them out of the material flow. The extracted iron is then carried out of the magnetic field using carrier bars and then discharged. Pure suspension magnets are typically electromagnetic and are used for lower iron content parts and wider belts greater than 2m.

Powerful magnetic fields for tramp iron extraction

Overband and suspension magnets are well known for their extremely powerful magnetic fields. Multipolar magnet systems and neodymium-iron-boron magnets enhance separation performance and efficiency. Meanwhile, the weight of permanent suspension magnets can be significantly reduced. Permanent suspension magnets are commonly used in mobile treatment plants. They are periodically moved sideways and switched off to allow the iron to fall into designated containers. These types of magnetic separators are suitable for coal loaders with capacities of up to 7000 t/h.

  • High-performance range of overband suspension magnets for sorting scrap and extracting clean iron components from bulk materials.
  • Highly effective even at fast belt speeds (< 7.5 m/s), good working distances up to 1m, and high dumping heights.
  • Achieve optimal performance by mounting longitudinally above the material discharge unit's outlet.
  • Self-cleaning and equipped with circular conveyor belts.

    • Powerful electromagnetic overband suspension magnets with low power-to-weight ratio and ANOFOL coils made of anodised aluminium strip.
    • Strong central magnetic fields for removing ferrous parts from deep-layer materials.
    • Self-cleaning, without oil filling, and with passive or active air cooling.

    • Compact, cost-optimised and energy-efficient permanent overband suspension magnets that do not require cooling.
    • Multipole design enables semi-mobile deployment and the reliable extraction of light ferrous materials, ideal for long or difficult parts.
    • Easy change belt with working widths from 60cm to 130cm and lengths up to 200cm.

    • Optimised and compact, energy-efficient permanent overband suspension magnets that do not require electric magnetic blocks.
    • Hydraulic drive for mobile applications and alternating-pole magnet system ensures the reliable separation of ferrous materials parts, ideal for awkward and heavy parts.
    • Suitable for tight working spaces and where unladen weight is limited.

    • Powerful overband suspension magnets used to remove tramp iron in tough environmental conditions, such as mining and the processing of ores.
    • Passive or active air cooling, using anodised ANOFOL coils made of aluminium strip and an oil filling, reducing the risk of a burnt coil and increasing performance by 15%.
    • Self-cleaning, and equipped with a circulating belt to ensure continuous removal of recovered ferrous materials with working widths up to 3,000mm.


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